Should You Fight Your DUI?

Facing a Colorado DUI is an incredibly stressful experience, especially if it is your first time facing such serious criminal charges. Many times, individuals can be intimidated by the legal process associated with a DUI and may want to simply take the easiest route available and admit to the DUI and then accept the consequences. While the decision on how to proceed with your case is ultimately up to you, it is important to remember that even those facing DUI charges have important rights that must be upheld. Equally as important is remembering that the only way to beat a DUI charge, especially if you are certain you are not guilty, is to fight the charge in court. There are some things that you should keep in mind when considering how to proceed with your DUI case.

Evidence can be Challenged

Evidence that seems to prove you are guilty of a DUI can be challenged. There are many legal requirements regarding evidence, some general and some specific to DUI cases. Your DUI attorney needs to be knowledgeable on the rules of evidence in court and as they apply to scientific evidence often used in DUI cases. Even seemingly concrete evidence like chemical testing results can be challenged in court.

Law enforcement officers can be challenged. Law enforcement is not always 100% accurate, and it is important to make sure that they have complied with the requirements they are governed by in your case. If they have acted improperly, it is possible such actions can be used to your benefit in court. Witness testimony can also be helpful, though it is not guaranteed that it will help you avoid conviction. Again, these circumstances are unique to every case and it is important to work with your DUI attorney to explore every avenue that may be available to you.

Plea Bargains are Sometimes Available

While you should never rely on the potential availability of a plea bargain for any criminal charge, including a DUI, there are some circumstances in which courts may be willing to work with offenders on reduced sentencing. This is especially true for first-time offenders who have clean records, although it is not guaranteed for them either. However, it may be possible to negotiate a “wet reckless” plea that can help alleviate some of the serious consequences a DUI conviction can bring. Taking this type of approach allows an individual to plead to reckless driving as opposed to driving under the influence, but only working with an experienced DUI attorney can help you determine if this type of options is right or even available to you. While these options do not completely relieve you of the consequences of a conviction, they can make those consequences easier to handle.

Talk to Your Attorney

As you face DUI charges, your attorney is likely to become an important person in your life. That is why it is so important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who focuses on working with clients facing DUIs. If you are facing Colorado DUI charges, contact the criminal defense team at Tiftickjian Law Firm to schedule a consultation where you can find out more about the charges against you as well as what options might be available in your defense.

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