The Importance of an Experienced DUI Lawyer

With no shortage of courtroom dramas on television week after week and the prevalence of online “legal advice” forums, many people believe that they can navigate the legal system on their own or by simply selecting a lawyer at will to help them with legal issues. For just about any legal matter, this could not be farther from the truth. When criminal charges are involved, like charges of driving under the influence or driving while ability impaired, opting to navigate the legal system on one’s own or by simply selecting the first lawyer you come across can actually be dangerous choices. Drunk driving charges are extremely serious criminal charges in Colorado, as they are in most states, and require the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney to make sure that a defendant’s rights are protected throughout the process and that important details are not overlooked. When selecting a Denver DUI attorney, keep the following things in mind to remind you of the importance of selecting an experienced Denver DUI attorney.

The Law is Complex and Changes Often

No matter how simple and straightforward certain legal aspects might seem, that is rarely – if ever – the case. Any area of law is certain to be intricate, detailed, and much more complicated than many simplified explanations might make it appear. For instance, while it may seem that only Colorado DUI laws matter when preparing for a hearing on such charges, you must also be familiar with other important areas of law. One such area of law that you must also be familiar with is evidence, which can be extremely complex and can even vary from court to court. It is important to work with attorneys that focus their practice on DUIs and related charges so that they can be aware of new and emerging legal trends that may impact the way they advocate on behalf of their clients.

DUIs Have Serious Consequences

A DUI or related charges can come with severe consequences, especially for repeat offenders. It is important to work with an attorney that understands how charges can develop during the legal process and what consequences might accompany a conviction, plea, or acquittal. It is also possible for police and courts to inadvertently overlook aspects of an individual’s rights during the legal process, which could potentially result in more serious consequences as a result. A Colorado DUI attorney can help you advocate for fair and reasonable consequences based on the individual circumstances of a particular case.

Experience is Important

When you go to the dentist, you probably have a very specific objective for doing so. You probably would not go to your dentist to have that person perform brain surgery. In law, experience also matters. Jay Tiftickjian has written books about the Colorado DUI process and how to defend individuals facing such charges. At the end of the day, this kind of experience can be invaluable as you defend against serious criminal charges. An experienced DUI lawyer is likely familiar with all aspects of the DUI process in multiple jurisdictions, and this can prove to be beneficial in a variety of ways including expediting the process and exploring all potential possibilities for an outcome.

Finding Experienced Legal Assistance

If you are facing drunk driving-related charges, it is important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact the criminal defense team at Tiftickjian Law Firm to schedule a consultation, which is the first step in putting their experience to work for you. You will be able to find out more information about the charges you are facing.

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