Attorney Tiftickjian and his legal defense team are known throughout the Denver area for their incisive knowledge of criminal and DUI law, making them the local media’s go-to consultants on breaking legal news. Jay Tiftickjian has provided legal analysis for The New York Times, The Denver Post, The Associated Press850KOA, Colorado 9News, CBS4, Channel7News and many other news media sources. Here you’ll find a collection of press clippings featuring members of Tiftickjian Law Firm from television, radio, print, and the web.




88.5 KGNU 8-11-17 Felony DUI Law
850KOA 12-10-15 Marijuana and Fatal Accidents
850KOA 4-20-15 Stoned Driving
850KOA 1-21-15: Felony DUI
KGNU Boulder 12-19–14: Holiday DUI Enforcement and Marijuana DUI Problems
850KOA 12-15–14: Colorado Holiday DUI Enforcement
850KOA 10-7-14: Colorado’s Drunkest Counties
850KOA 5-28-14: Memorial Day Weekend DUI Enforcement
850KOA 4-21-14: 4/20 Public Consumption / DUI-D
850KOA 3-26-14: Aurora Vehicular Homicide / Felony DUI Bill
850KOA – March 2014 High speed chase
850KOA – October 2013
850KOA – July 2013: The local DUI attorney talks with April and Steffen about high profile cases and why you don’t want to drive drunk.
850KOA – May 2012
850KOA – February 2012