DUI Attorney Client Reviews

100% recommend Jay for your legal needs. Used his free consultation services and was able to get the best help possible! Jay was very caring and helpful. He helped me resolve my legal issues in a quick manner and was very open and honest about my case.

Tiana Yepes

At one of the most difficult times in my life, I reached out to Jay and he never stopped caring or helping me with my case, from start to finish.

He and his staff are all pro’s and represented me with class, respect, professionalism and diligence.

I will never need Jay’s help in this capacity again, but I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that could use his service. He truly is one of the best out there and a pleasure to deal with under the most trying of circumstances.

Joe Cambridge

Jay is truly one of the most reputable and authentic attorney’s. I got charged with a DUI and felt like my life was crumbling. Jay was honest with me about the least and most probable outcomes but he managed to receive a better plea than I could have imagined. He is truly worth it and goes above and beyond to answer any concerns without sugar coating it.

Blake B

Jay was an amazing attorney and Christa went above and beyond to answer all of my questions. They made the whole process less stressful with great communication and understanding.

Louis Brooks

Jay is simply the BEST! I asked two prosecuting attorneys I knew in Colorado who was the lawyer they hated to go up against, Jay’s name was the unanimous winner! He actually wrote the book on DUI in Colorado!
You couldn’t be in better hands.
DMac in Boulder


They help me out and did some things for me clearing up with some information that I needed about some charges in Colorado.
He wasn’t obtained as council but he helped me when he didn’t have to I really appreciate him.
Finding someone to genuinely want to help you is rare even when paying them and he helped me out without even being my counsel.

Thank you very much Jay I appreciate all the help you gave and the information.


I really appreciate the professionalism and patience I received from Jay during my issue that he fully resolved. I was from out of state but he treated me like we grew up together. I would recommend him to anyone especially if you have high standards. Thanks again Jay!

Josh Randolph