Three Things a DUI Lawyer Will Do for You

If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI), the most crucial step that you personally can take in your defense is to hire a qualified and reputable DUI lawyer. There are many things that an attorney can help you with, but just three of those things include helping you decide whether to plead or not and what, assist you at pretrial conferences, and at trial if your case happens to come to that.

Whether to Plead or Not—and What

Having an outstanding DUI attorney on your side when it comes down to knowing how you should initially handle the situation is valuable beyond words. If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, it may be difficult to know what to do. The whole process is very confusing and taking the officer’s words for it may not be in your best interest. A DUI lawyer can tell you whether he or she thinks you should plead guilty or not depending on the circumstance and the evidence against you.

Assist You at Pretrial Conferences

Your DUI lawyer can also help you during pretrial conferences. A pretrial conference is the term used for the negotiations that happen before your case goes to trial. During the pretrial conferences, your lawyer might be able to have the charges against you classified as something else or get them dropped entirely.

Represent You at Trial

No one really wants their case to go to trial, but in the event that it does, it is imperative that you have a DUI lawyer on your side. Simply put, an attorney is going to know a lot better than you will by yourself which expert witnesses might be able to help. They can also reach out to and hire qualified investigators to buff up your defense. Hiring an experienced attorney to work with you during the stress of a DUI arrest and charge may be the smartest thing you do after your arrest.

By Jay Tiftickjian Law Firm
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