Simple Steps for Avoiding a Denver DUI

After a long day at work, sometimes all you want to do is unwind and relax. Perhaps you find that you do that best by going out for a drink or two with some friends. This can be a great start to a weekend, or a fun way to celebrate a birthday or other exciting event. However, if you are planning on drinking enough to get drunk, then it is important to avoid getting a DUI. As you likely know, Denver DUI charges can come with some serious consequences. Not only that, but you can pose a threat to yourself and others. Because of this, you should do everything you can do avoid a DUI.

Of course, the best way to avoid a DUI if you have been drinking is to simply not drive. Even if you think you can get home without getting pulled over, it is simply not worth the risk. Some people have a hard time determining whether or not they are actually drunk enough to get a Denver DUI charge. A good rule of thumb is to not drive if you are in doubt. Perhaps while you are sober, make a limit on how much you can drink before you drive home. Be realistic with how much you can handle.

If you plan on going over the limit of being able to drive, make sure you have a plan in place to get home safely. Whether it is having a designated driver, calling a cab, or simply walking home, it is important that you have an idea of what you are going to do so that the temptation to drive is not there. If you think you may be tempted anyway, give your car keys to a trusted friend. Do not forget that you can always pick up your vehicle the next day after you have sobered up.

Avoiding a Denver DUI is really quite simple. Do not get behind the wheel when you have had too much to drink. Having a plan before you start drinking is the best way to keep yourself from being put in a bad situation.

By Jay Tiftickjian Law Firm
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