What to Look for in Reputable Denver DUI Defense


A night on the town can have severe consequences, especially if you happen to have a few too many coinciding with the sudden and sickening sight of flashing red lights in your rear view mirror. Yes, a DUI charge can quickly alter your life and hamper your livelihood, not to mention take a big bite out of your pocketbook. If you happen to live in the state of Colorado, then looking into a Denver DUI defense lawyer would certainly behoove you.

Lawmakers are constantly updating DUI laws, adding more restrictions and penalties so in the event you are pulled over you could be facing charges running from loss of your license to jail time or even the installation of an interlocking ignition device to your car. Try explaining that one to a potential new love interest. Without someone on your side like a savvy Denver DUI defense lawyer, you could be facing even more potentially humiliating events, a very embarrassing stain on your spotless driving record that can rear its ugly head when applying for a loan or a new job. But these penalties are nothing compared to what drunk driver’s have wreaked upon our nation’s highways and roads. According to the 2010 National Highways Traffic Safety Administration, over 10,000 people were killed directly related to drunk driving accidents. Family members and friends who paid the highest price of America’s ongoing issues with alcohol-related incidents.


People make mistakes. There has been many a time that one perhaps got into the driver’s seat and made it home without an incident, however you may one day not be so lucky. The silver lining in reflecting upon such a life lesson is learning from them, so as to not keep repeating such bad choices. By hiring a reputable lawyer who is well versed in Denver DUI defense would be a good first step in reclaiming your life and getting you back on the road, this time as a much safer conscientious driver.


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