How To Handle A DUI Arrest With A Denver DUI Attorney

Did you know that you do not need to be intoxicated in order to be arrested for DUI in Denver, Colorado? While the legal blood alcohol concentration in Denver is .008, you can also be arrested if an officer suspects that you are under the influence. Fatigue, stress, anxiety, and even some medications can cause innocent drivers to be accidentally accused of being impaired. Anyone that has been charged with driving under the influence needs to consult with a Denver DUI attorney. Remember that being charged with a DUI does not necessarily mean that you are guilty of any crime. Speaking with an expert attorney is the best way to defend against DUI charges in Denver. Learn from experienced DUI Attorneys here.

There can be steep penalties associated with a DUI conviction. Those convicted of a DUI for the first time may spend up to a year in jail, have their drivers licenses suspended for nine months, be assessed fines or ordered to perform community service.  The penalties for second and subsequent Denver DUI convictions are even harsher. Although you may be aware of your rights as a DUI defendant, having legal representation can help you to make a strong case clearly in court. The criminal and civil penalties associated with repeat drunk driving can be life changing, so habitual defendants should meet with a Denver DUI attorney as soon as possible.

Being charged or arrested for DUI in Denver may put your family, career and freedom on the line. With your Denver DUI attorney, you can show the courts your side of the story. An attorney can call witnesses, request subpoenas to retrieve information vital to your case and uncover the facts that assert the truth. DUI attorneys review many types of cases and defend a varied collection of clients. While your individual case will be unique, the DUI lawyer that you hire has boundless experience to rely on. A legal expert can explain all of the different ways that your case will be resolved and give you advise on how to proceed. You may lessen the chances of your DUI charges of turning into a DUI conviction by talking to a skilled lawyer.

By Jay Tiftickjian Law Firm
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