DUI Lawyers Answer Questions About the Law, What to Expect in Court

An arrest or conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) is a considerable violation with potential life changing consequences. In fact, defendants face serious outcomes if convicted. Undeniably, DUI cases involve many layers of analysis and are quite complex. For this reason, hiring a lawyer specializing in DUI defense immediately after being arrested is critical unless the defendant intends to please guilty. Furthermore, accomplished DUI lawyers answer questions about the law and what procedures to expect in court.

Experienced DUI defense attorneys have years of courtroom expertise providing knowledgeable, educated opinions to defendants regarding their cases. Moreover, informing defendants about the state and federal legal processes for DUI cases determines the next course of action required to render a favorable outcome.

Attorneys specializing in DUI case defense have familiarity guiding cases through the complexities of the legal system. Without a doubt, DUI attorneys are familiar with this process, specifically handling paperwork, including the official charging documents. Accordingly, the arraignment is set as the first court appearance. Once the defendant appears before a judge, Conditions of Release are imposed. Alternatively, if a petition for release is denied the defendant goes to jail until bail posts. Next the clerk provides an upcoming court date. From there, attorneys work to defend a DUI case. Finally, steps are taken to create the best opportunity for a favorable result. Obviously, cases that are not dismissed are required to go to sentencing, where a judge assigns punishment.

Unquestionably, a DUI charge is expensive, inconvenient and immensely complicated. Surprisingly defendants hiring experienced DUI lawyers immediately after being arrested have a higher likelihood of ensuring protection of their rights than those who do not hire DUI lawyers. Assuredly attorneys defending DUI cases seek to have the charges either dismissed or at the very least, reduced. Defendants must avoid any more legal trouble, remain cooperate with their attorneys, and communicate every detail about their case after retaining an attorney. As noted, experienced legal help is costly, but worthwhile in the end if it enables the defendant to return to a life free from the negative effects of a guilty DUI verdict.


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