Don’t Go It Alone When Facing a Denver DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction can result in everything from jail time to a loss of driving privileges, which can significantly impede one’s ability to earn a living. The effects of such a conviction can have lasting consequences, and in some cases may even jeopardize things like future employment or other opportunities. That’s why hiring the right Denver DUI lawyer is vital to ensure your best interests are kept in mind. Without proper representation, many find that navigating legal proceedings can be a difficult and frustrating process.

What You Should Know About DUI

While being charged with a DUI is considered to be a very serious crime, many people are still found guilty of the offense on a frequent basis. In general, anyone found to be driving with a blood alcohol level of higher than .08 can be arrested for driving under the influence. First offenses tend to carry the lightest sentences, though this can vary depending on the severity of the circumstances. Prior offenses can incur even more serious penalties, which often includes time spent in jail, along with significant fines.

Additional Charges Can Increase Punishment

In many cases, a DUI can be accompanied by many other charges, which can increase fines and penalties exponentially. Reckless driving is a common component of many DUI cases, and this added charge can tack on hundreds of dollars of fines per offense. More serious issues, such as vehicular assault, can cause the convicted to spend years in jail. This is why having the right lawyer is so crucial to ensuring the best possible outcome when dealing with a Denver DUI conviction.

The Right Lawyer Can Make All the Difference

When faced with penalties incurred from driving under the influence, a reliable Denver DUI attorney can help mitigate fines and lessen jail time. In many cases, legal representation is the only means of ensuring a more positive outcome. This can be essential for those charged with DUI to return to normalcy after being convicted.

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