Denver DUI Laws & Legal Assistance

If you reside in Denver, Colorado and are caught driving while intoxicated, you are putting yourself at risk for a Denver DUI conviction. If you have already been charged with this type of offense, then the best way to remedy the situation is to hire a lawyer that handles DUI cases. Although you are seeking an experienced attorney to take your case, do not forget to consider several things before you hire a lawyer.

Schedule a Consultation

Prior to making a decision about who to hire, you will need to meet with several attorneys. Since most attorneys offer free consultations to all prospective clients, this is your opportunity to screen them without paying a dime. During your consultation, you need to inform the lawyer about the circumstances surrounding your case. Even if you are guilty of having an error in judgment, be honest so you can get the best legal advice. Remember, what you say to any attorney is private and privileged information that cannot be used against you.

Consider Costs

Many people feel that hiring a lawyer is something that they cannot afford. However, Denver DUI lawyers are much more affordable that you think. One way you can minimize the cost of your defense is to carefully choose an attorney that is affordable for you. Ask about costs before you commit to any particular lawyer. You should also find out if they require a retainer up front and if they are willing to accept payment after your trial is over. Once you have met with several lawyers, take a little time to think about which one you feel confident about representing you.

You need to choose a lawyer that you believe in, since they will essentially be your voice in front of the judge. Stay in constant contact with them and allow them to offer you the guidance you need during this challenging time. In the future, be mindful of the Denver DUI laws and use a designated driver the next time you go out drinking.


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