When Charged With DUI, a Reliable Colorado DUI Attorney Is Crucial

Not only do DUI charges include hefty fines and sometimes even jail time, they can also affect a person’s ability to make a living due to things like license suspension. DUI is a very serious crime, and as such you need a good Colorado DUI attorney if you find yourself charged. The following information can help one navigate the legal issues surrounding a DUI charge.

Know the Charges


Unlike other traffic violations, a DUI amounts to a criminal offense. Things like failing to obey traffic signals or speeding are considered civil offenses, and as result the punishments doled out for these infractions are far less severe. Because DUI charges are taken so seriously by law enforcement, you face more severe consequences than if you were charged with other traffic violations. For this reason, you must secure a reputable Colorado DUI attorney as soon as possible after you are charged.


First, Second, and Third Offenses


Depending on the offense, penalties for driving under the influence may be harsher in some cases. For instance, those facing a first offense will still face fines and possible jail time, but the amount of these penalties will be far less than someone faced with a second or third offense. Multiple offenses levy far more serious fines, including a significant amount of time spent in jail, and in some cases license revocation may be included. There are also other factors that can affect your penalties. Some drivers also face reckless driving charges in addition to the initial charge, and this can add onto fines and jail sentences.


Protect Your Interests With the Right Lawyer


The above illustrates why it’s imperative to hire a Colorado DUI attorney should you find yourself charged with driving under the influence. Often, dealing with the legal fallout incurred by a DUI is simply too much for a person to handle. With the right lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best possible outcome for your particular circumstance.

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