Avoiding Denver DUI Arrest: Keep the Party at Home

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious offense. Unquestionably, consequences resulting from convictions are significant. Nevertheless, the most straightforward and uncomplicated way to avoid a drunk driving citation is to never drive after drinking. In general, it is a misconception that having only two drinks keeps a person under the legal limit. However, driving under the influence (DUI) laws vary by region, state and city. In fact, Denver DUI charges regardless of the amount of alcohol in your system. Consequently, if drinking is going to be involved, it is best to keep the party at home to avoid a DUI. Accordingly, the party is not at home, here are some steps to avoid a Denver DUI charge.

  • First, drinking moderately, consuming plenty of water and eating enough food slow down the absorption rate of alcohol. Furthermore avoiding drinks that speed the absorption of alcohol, such as sparkling wines and carbonated mixers increases prolonged sobriety. Naturally ceasing to consume alcohol early in the night, at least one to two hours prior to driving is beneficial.
  • Second, choosing a designated driver before the evening begins is a smart idea. In any case, if a designated driver is not available, calling a sober friend for transportation is a favorable backup plan. Furthermore, assuming that sleeping it off on the side of the road is a misconception, since this is a DUI offense in Colorado. Without reservation, taking a cab as a last resort is an excellent solution.
  • Third, ensuring that everything works properly on the vehicle being driven prior to going out for the evening is requisite. In addition, having license, registration and insurance documents readily available and current is essential. Naturally, turning off all cell phones and fastening seat belts is always recommended. Furthermore, obeying all traffic signs and maintaining the recommended speed goes without saying.

As noted, the simplest method for avoiding a DUI is by not driving after consuming any amount of alcohol. Alternately, other precautionary measures may lessen the likelihood of being charged with a DUI. Understanding that a DUI charge is a considerable violation is vital. Undeniably, anyone who receives a DUI needs to hire an attorney immediately. In particular, the diverse benefits of hiring a lawyer in Denver specializing in Denver DUI defense are immeasurable.


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