Avoid DUI Charges or Hire a DUI Attorney in Denver

Clearly, the best way to avoid the consequences of a DUI charge is to not drive after drinking. Make this decision before you go out for the night. Designate a driver ahead of time. After all, you are concerned with your safety and the safety of the other people on the road. You are probably concerned about avoiding damages to your car and other property. Having said this, however, there are times when you may be confronted with a DUI charge, even if you have not been drinking over the legal limit. When this happens, you can protect your rights by hiring a DUI attorney in Denver.

Unfortunately, the tools used for testing for sobriety are not precise. This means that you could be arrested for drunk driving, and found guilty, even if you were not driving with too much alcohol in your system. How can an attorney help you in this situation? An experienced DUI attorney in Denver understands the weaknesses of the current testing methods and knows how to help you avoid charges.

First of all, when you are in the moment, maintain a courteous manner, but do not admit to drinking before driving. If the officer asks if you have been drinking, you may choose to respond with a courteous question such as “Would you like to see my license?” Remember that you do not have to perform Field Sobriety Tests or coordination tests. Do what you can to avoid taking a Breathalyzer test. Most states agree that these tests are inaccurate.

Maybe you will be able to avoid charges, simply by avoiding these tests. However, there are many tools and tricks at the officer’s disposal. Legitimate police stops are made based on the quality of driving and do not depend on sensing devices and other gimmicks. You do not have to submit to these tests.

If you find yourself facing charges and a court date in spite of your efforts, a DUI attorney in Denver can provide you with information and representation to help you fight the charges. Become as informed as possible about the drinking and driving laws in your area. If you need the services of an attorney, choose one with experience in the DUI field.

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