When and Where to Expect Denver DUI Checkpoints

The Denver Police Department often sets up checkpoint around Denver on nights of major sporting events or concerts. Typically, you will drive through a DUI checkpoint on Speer Boulevard on nights when the Colorado Rockies are playing baseball at Coors Field.

July 05, 2013 was a typical example of a night when the DUI enforcement napped drivers under the influence of alcohol and drugs. On a night when the Rockies played the Dodgers and there were fireworks after the game to celebrate the 4th of July, the Denver Police Department’s DUI Unit partook in a Colorado Department of Transportation sponsored checkpoints at the 500 and 2000 blocks of N. Speer Blvd. DUI enforcement at these two checkpoints resulted in 26 DUI arrests and 2 DUI-D arrests.

Checkpoints are common on nights when major sporting events or rock concerts are scheduled. Denver County is not the only jurisdiction to take advantage of special events. Broomfield County increases its DUI patrol and checkpoints after events at the Broomfield Events Center. The Greenwood Village Police Department is always on the lookout for drunk drivers after concerts at the Coors Events Center. Also, Red Rocks brings about tourists from all across the world, all of who need to be cautious of the Denver Police Department and Jefferson County Sheriffs Department.

The best policy is to not mix drinking or drugs and driving. However, even if you use the best judgment, others on the road may not be as responsible. DUI arrests increase on holiday weekends and after major events not only because the enforcement is increased, but also because some people do not act responsible. When driving home from a concert or sporting event, always be cautious of others on the road who may be under the influence or impaired.