Two Public Servants Facing DUI Charges

There is an adage that states that nobody is above the law, and that has held true in two high profile DUI cases in Colorado. Recently, two public officials have had to deal with DUI charges. A recent article from The Denver Post notes that a county coroner has resigned over DUI allegations, while another article from The Denver Post follows up on the professional consequences for a Denver police officer who pled guilty to DUI charges in 2016.

County Coroner Allegedly Responds Drunk

On March 8, 2018, a fatal accident occurred northeast of Las Animas in Bent County. After rolling over and ejecting one of its passengers, a truck sat on its roof until police were able to respond to the scene that claimed the life of a 19-year-old. Following protocol for such an incident, state troopers at the scene called the county’s coroner to respond. The coroner allegedly drove himself to the scene of the accident when people began to suspect he was drunk.

Eventually, law enforcement officials conducted sobriety testing and charged the individual with driving under the influence of alcohol. The results of the sobriety testing were not immediately released, but a report cited in the article states that the coroner’s blood alcohol concentration was found to be 0.087%. The individual has since resigned from his post.

Officer Allowed to Remain on Force

The paper also reports that a Denver police officer will be allowed to remain on the city’s police force after having pled guilty to DUI charges and failing subsequent probation requirements. The officer in question allegedly pled guilty to a DUI offense in 2016 for which he faced mandatory parole requirements like periodic urine testing. The officer is alleged to have failed, skipped, and diluted samples related to this testing.

New consequences for his actions include a 20-day unpaid suspension, two-years of alcohol abstention, attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous, officer resilience training, random urine tests, and successful completion of his probation. While many individuals believe that this is a way for someone on the inside to avoid the punishment ordinary individuals may receive, supporters point out that this is a better approach to the root cause of the problem – alcohol addiction. By allowing the officer to have access to treatment options while promoting rehabilitation, supporters believe they can highlight how such approaches to treating dependency issues are an important part of the judicial system.

Securing Legal Advocacy

Both of these individuals will have extensive legal repercussions for their alleged actions. Even with the best of intentions, a DUI can happen to anyone. The smallest oversight or mistake could end up with you facing serious criminal charges that can have a significant impact on your career, your livelihood, and your future.

If you are facing Colorado DUI charges, working with an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands DUI law and how to apply it to your case is important. For help with your Colorado charge for driving under the influence, contact the criminal defense team at Tiftickjian Law Firm to find out more information about how we can work with you to explore your legal options.

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