What You Need to Know About Ignition Interlock Devices

So, you have been convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol in Colorado. Now what? Depending on the circumstances of your case, you will likely lose your driving privileges for a period of time. Individuals who qualify may be eligible to have their driver’s license reinstated early if they participate in an ignition interlock program. These programs are designed to allow individuals convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs to regain driving privileges earlier than they would normally be able to, which helps to limit the restrictions a DUI conviction can have on a person’s mobility.

Conditions for Eligibility

Colorado has a well-established system for determining which drivers qualify for early reinstatement. Drivers must be residents of Colorado who were 21 years of age or older at the time of the violation. All other conditions for reinstatement must be met and the individual must have already served a specified period of time depending on the offense for which he or she was convicted.

There are a number of different vendors that offer ignition interlock products and services. In order to qualify for the program, a driver will need to use one of the state’s approved vendors to acquire ignition interlock technology. The most affordable option is usually Smart Start, which also scored a 9.2 out of 10 based on thousands of reviews. Some offenders in Colorado may also qualify for financial assistance in purchasing and installing an ignition interlock device if they cannot afford the full cost of the device.

How They Work

Ignition interlock devices are installed in your vehicle so that you must provide a breath sample before your vehicle’s ignition will work. The sample will be analyzed by the device, much like a breathalyzer, and the vehicle will not start if it detects alcohol. In most cases, you will need to use the device each time you start your vehicle. You may also be required to provide readings while you are driving. If you are required to retest while driving, failing a retest will typically cause the vehicle to flash its lights and activate its alarm until you are able to pull over, turn off the vehicle, and successfully pass a retest.

These devices collect and store information that is sent to the court or other reporting authority. It will make note of any tampering or removal as well as any readings where alcohol is present. Courts can use this information to determine whether an individual can retain his or her early reinstatement privileges and in determining whether a person has complied with the conditions of probation. Violating regulations governing the use of ignition interlock devices could qualify as a probation violation and may have severe consequences depending on the terms of your conviction.

Legal Assistance

When facing serious criminal charges like a DUI or DUID, it is important to work with a Colorado criminal defense attorney who focuses on assisting clients facing similar charges. Attorneys who focus on working with individuals facing charges of driving under the influence understand the nuances of Colorado law and can use that understanding to help advocate for your rights, including the potential for early reinstatement if you qualify. If you are facing Colorado DUI or DUID charges, contact the criminal defense team at Tiftickjian Law Firm to schedule a consultation and find out more information about what options might be available to you.