Longmont Police Arrest Man on Suspicion of DUI and Reckless Endangerment

The Denver Post is reporting that Longmont police have arrested a 41-year-old Longmont man on suspicion of DUI and reckless endangerment. While a police sergeant was seated in his parked patrol car on Martin Street, he heard a series of gunshots that appeared to be coming from a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. As the truck drove past him, the sergeant saw the driver of the truck firing a gun into the air. The sergeant followed the vehicle and soon pulled the driver over. After the driver failed to follow law enforcement commands, another officer used a Taser to subdue the man and take him into custody.

A search of the truck revealed a semi-automatic handgun, several rounds of live ammunition, and a semi-full can of beer. The man admitted that he had been drinking beer and firing his gun from inside the vehicle while driving through Longmont. Police booked the man into the Boulder County Jail on various charges, including suspicion of DUI, prohibited use of a weapon, reckless endangerment, driving without a license, and possession of an open alcoholic beverage.

Defining DUI Under Colorado Law

The crime of driving under the influence occurs when an individual operates a vehicle when he or she has consumed alcohol or drugs, or a combination thereof. The alcohol or drugs must have affected the individual to a degree that he or she is substantially incapable, mentally and/or physically, to exercise clear judgment, sufficient physical control, or due care in the safe operation of the vehicle.

Potential Consequences of DUI

Under Colorado law, the severity of the consequences for a DUI conviction depend in large part on the number of previous DUI and DUI-related offenses of which an individual has been convicted. For instance, a first-time DUI conviction is a misdemeanor crime under C.R.S. 42-4-1301. Even for a first-time misdemeanor conviction, the consequences can include a jail sentence ranging from five days to one year, a fine ranging from $600 to $1,000, 48 to 96 hours of community service, and up to two years of probation. However, if an individual has three or more prior DUI convictions, the crime becomes a class four felony, which has more severe consequences than a misdemeanor, including the likelihood of a longer term of incarceration. Whether a misdemeanor or felony conviction, however, a DUI arrest also is likely to trigger the suspension of your driver’s license, depending on the circumstances.

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