Why has Colorado’s Crime Rate Increased?

Even as Coloradans continue to support their decision to legalize recreational marijuana use and, in some localities, vote to expand such use, there is still uncertainty that accompanies the legal recreational marijuana market. One main concern is the increase in crime that some individuals attribute to the legalization of recreational marijuana. Recently, Colorado has experienced […]

Blood Draws and DUIs

Most people are aware that driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is illegal. Most individuals are also familiar with the standardized testing that law enforcement officers use to assess whether or not a person has been operating under the influence. These can include field sobriety testing, impairment-related questioning, and field breathalyzer testing. It […]

Do Not Delay Hiring a DUI Attorney

Facing Colorado DUI charges can be intimidating. Shortly after you are charged with a DUI or related crime, you are likely to experience a wide variety of emotions. You may be sad, scared, and/or angry. In the middle of these emotions, it can be difficult to focus on the importance of hiring an experienced Colorado […]

Alternative Sentencing in Colorado DUIs

A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or even for driving while ability impaired can result in severe consequences, especially for individuals who have prior similar convictions. In some cases, those consequences could include jail time. However, it may be possible to work with prosecutors and the Colorado legal system on […]

Pleading “No Contest” in a Colorado DUI

In most criminal cases, you have the option to plead guilty or not guilty to the charges you are facing. However, there is sometimes a third option available to you where you can plead “no contest” to charges. For individuals facing charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, plea options include no […]

Most individuals are familiar with the process of being charged with a DUI, even if they have not directly been involved with one. Typically, you are initially pulled over for any number of reasons. This could include a burnt-out tail light, erratic driving, failing to yield the right of way, or any number of other […]

Could Self-Driving Cars Prevent Drunk Driving?

New technology continues to develop daily, often at such a rapid pace that it can be difficult to keep up with. Concepts that were once thought to be unattainable futuristic ideas are now commonplace. As designers and manufacturers continue to push the limits of new technology, the automobile industry is no exception. Self-driving cars are […]

The “Rising BAC” Defense

Facing DUI charges can be extremely stressful. Like other major events in life, there are likely people around us who have gone through the process or know someone else who has gone through it and draw upon those experiences to provide us with advice. Advice often includes the type of defense strategies that worked for […]

Colorado DUIs and Immigration Inadmissibility

The current political climate has drawn a great deal of attention to immigration across the United States, and Colorado is no exception. As has been covered extensively by the news, criminal offenses can impact your immigration status. While immigration is a complex area of law, a DUI or related offense can have a serious impact […]

Understanding the Risky Behavior Leading to a DUI

Most individuals facing DUI and related charges likely did not set out to be cited with a charge for driving under the influence. One of the only things that Colorado DUI citations really have in common are the severe consequences that come with conviction. Another potential common factor in DUIs may be related to the […]

False Arrests: Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, and DUIs

Unfortunately, diabetes affects many Coloradans that must live with the condition daily. Diabetes can affect more than your lifestyle choices, and can result in a person who suffers from diabetes being falsely arrested for a DUI. While being diabetic might seem markedly different from being under the influence of alcohol, law enforcement officials can and […]

Understanding Your Rights During a DUI Stop

Most people know that driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is against the law and can have serious consequences. However, it is important to know what to expect during a traffic stop if you are suspected of driving under the influence. Whether you are driving under the influence or not, understanding […]