Early Removal of Ignition Interlock in Colorado

Clients and potential clients frequently asked about early removal of ignition interlock. Under Colorado law, only first-time offenders with a BAC less than 0.149 qualify for early removal of ignition interlock. All refusal and multiple offense revocations, and drivers revoked for having a BAC at or greater than 0.150 are required to have ignition interlock for a mandatory minimum period of two years with no ability to remove the device early.

If you are reading this and are curious if you qualify for early removal of your interlock device, contact the DMV reinstatement line at 303-205-5613. If you had your license revoked for refusing a test, for a BAC of 0.15 or more, or this is not your first DUI-related revocation, you are not able to remove your ignition interlock early.

DUI-related revocations from on or after January 1, 2023 with a BAC of or less-than 0.149 must have an interlock in their vehicle for nine (9) months from the date their driving privilege is reinstated. The DMV will allow a driver to remove the interlock device from their vehicle early if they show full compliance with the device for four (4) consecutive months of no less than 120 full calendar days. Full compliance means no allegations of tampering, circumvention, or lockouts due to an excess BAC (≥0.025).

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Credit for interlock time is from the date the license was reinstated (the day a person gets the restricted license at the DMV), not the date interlock was installed. A license will show an “issued date” which is either the same date or after the reinstatement date. If you want the exact date your license was reinstated, you will need to call the DMV at 303-205-5613 and obtain this date from an agent over the phone or obtain an updated copy of your motor vehicle record which will list the reinstatement date.

  • The reporting periods for early removal of interlock are calculated differently than normal reporting periods. The requirement is that four (4) consecutive monthly reporting periods of at least 120 days must be violation and tamper free to qualify for early removal. As noted above, only first-time offenders who have not been designated a Persistent Drunk Driver qualify for early removal.
  • The total time must be 120 full-days or more to qualify for early removal, so it is important to watch the dates and ensure you schedule a download after the 120th day. If you are a day short, you will be denied early removal until the DMV has 120 full days of downloads from the interlock provider. Upon completing the download and service with the interlock provider, you should contact your interlock provider and confirm that you have met the four (4) month requirement and request that a “4PASS” letter is generated and electronically sent to the Colorado DMV.

Once the DMV receives the “4PASS” letter, it will mail you a letter notifying you that you have met the interlock requirements and that you qualify to apply for and obtain an unrestricted license. This letter often takes several weeks to arrive, so instead of waiting we advise that you call the DMV (303-205-5613) a few days after receiving confirmation from the interlock provider that the final download has been sent to the DMV along with the “4PASS” letter to confirm receipt and to confirm that the DMV has processed your early removal eligibility. Once the DMV confirms this is in the system, you may then go to a driver’s license officer to apply for an unrestricted license.

DO NOT remove the interlock device until you have successfully reinstated to an unrestricted driver’s license.