Colorado Named One of Strictest States for High-Risk Drivers

According to a recent news story, Colorado is one of the strictest states with respect to laws and insurance premium penalties that affect high-risk drivers. WalletHub has released a study that systematically compared states’ DUI, speeding, and reckless driving laws, along with the state’s average insurance premiums for high-risk drivers.

Colorado scored 6th overall in terms of strictness for high-risk drivers. So what does this mean for Colorado drivers who have convictions for DUI? It means higher insurance premiums and harsher penalties for Colorado drivers than similar drivers in most other states.

Laws that Affect High-Risk Drivers in the State of Colorado

The study considered three different factors in ranking Colorado as the 6th strictest state. The first factor was the average rate of insurance premium penalty increase for high-risk drivers. Colorado ranked 26th when it came to the penalty increase. On average, a Colorado driver who was convicted of DUI saw a $539 annual premium increase, with only slightly lower increases for reckless driving and driving with a suspended license. However, the highest insurance premium penalty increase was reserved for Colorado drivers with two accidents, which peaked at an increase of $1,389 per year.

The next factor considered in the rankings was the penalties for drivers who were convicted of DUI in Colorado. Under Colorado law, a drunk driver must serve at least five days in jail for a first offense, and ten days in jail for a second offense. These penalties landed Colorado in the number 17 spot in terms of strictest penalties for DUI convictions. However, Colorado potentially might have scored higher had the study not been completed before the new law took effect on August 5, 2015, which made a fourth DUI offense a felony charge, which has substantially more severe penalties.

The third and final factor considered in the WalletHub study was the severity of penalties for speeding and reckless driving offenses. Colorado topped all the other states; researchers found that Colorado’s laws were stricter than those in any other state. Under Colorado law, a speeding violation becomes reckless driving when the driver reaches 25 miles over the posted speed limit. The penalties for reckless driving include a minimum jail stay of ten days and a minimum fine of $300 for a first offense, and a minimum jail stay of ten days and a minimum fine of $1,000 for a second offense.

Engaging in high-risk driving behaviors, whether they involve drunk or drugged driving, reckless driving, or speeding, can have very serious consequences. These consequences may impact not only you, but also others if your behavior results in an accident. When high-risk driving behavior causes injury or death to another person, the stakes are much higher. If you are convicted of this type of offense, you are likely to receive far more severe punishments, including a lengthy jail sentence.

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