Colorado DUI Consequences For Certified Public Accountants

A conviction for an alcohol-related driving offense in Colorado, such as DUI or DWAI, can have many consequences beyond fines and jail time. These are sometimes referred to as “collateral consequences” but for some people, these consequences have the more serious long-term implications than a fine or even a short term in jail.  The licensing boards of many professions may impose their own sanctions for such offenses, including denial or revocation of a person’s license to practice their trade.

Among the regulated professions are Certified Public Accountants. The Colorado State Board of Accountancy requires disclosure by all license applicants of, among other things, any misdemeanor involving drugs or alcohol.  DUIs and DWAIs in Colorado are defined as misdemeanors and must be disclosed. The Board has established its own guidelines for dealing with such applications and even considers alcohol-related offenses that were sustained years in the past.  Sanctions for current C.P.A.s may include, pursuant to C.R.S. section 12-2-123 and Rule 11.3(A)(13) of 3 CCR 705-1, suspension, revocation, conditioned probation, limitations on practice and its own monetary fines for excessive use of alcohol which, in their opinion, would render the C.P.A. “unfit to practice public accounting.”

If you are a CPA and are charged with DUI in Colorado, you owe it to yourself to obtain competent representation by an experienced DUI attorney. The consequences of a conviction are too great, and your livelihood is on the line.