Colorado and the Interstate Driver License Compact

The Interstate Driver License Compact is an agreement whereby states exchange information about driver’s license suspensions and traffic violations committed by non-residents. Forty-five states, including Colorado, and the District of Columbia are parties to this Compact. This exchange of information allows a state to treat a resident driver with an out-of-state driving offense just as it would treat a resident driver with an in-state offense. As a result, a driver who commits a traffic violation in a compact state may suffer the consequences in his or her home state just as if he or she had committed the violation in the home state. This means that you could receive points on your driver’s license or have your license suspended if you commit a traffic violation in another state.

How the Interstate Driver License Compact Works

Colorado Revised Statutes Secs. 24-60-1101 to 24-60-1107 sets forth the law that authorizes Colorado’s participation in the Driver License Compact. Like the other member states, Colorado will report any traffic violations by non-resident drivers to the National Driver Register (NDR), which is a nationwide computerized database that gathers all of the information submitted by states pursuant to the Compact. If a Colorado resident goes to renew his or her license or apply for a new license, the DMV must look at the NDR in order to determine whether the individual committed driving offenses in another state. If so, and if Colorado has an equivalent driving or criminal offense, the individual will face the same repercussions had the offense occurred in Colorado. This may very well impact the individual’s ability to renew or obtain a new license. If, however, an individual was convicted of an offense in another state for which there is no equivalent offense under Colorado law, the DMV will take no further action with respect to the individual’s driver’s license.

How a Denver DUI Defense Attorney Can Help

If you have been convicted of DUI or a similar offense in a state that is party to the Driver License Compact, the DMV may impose a suspension or revocation of your license if you attempt to renew or obtain a new license. However, authorities in some states, and even in those states that are subject to the Compact, fail to report information to the NDR as required. Therefore, there is always the chance that your out-of-state offense may not be reported to your home state.

Contact a Skilled Colorado DUI Lawyer for Help

Whether you are a non-resident of Colorado who has been arrested in Colorado or a Colorado resident who has been convicted of an offense out of state, an experienced DUI attorney can assist you in determining the potential consequences and penalties that you may be facing. The reality is that any DUI charge can result in very serious repercussions. As such, you cannot afford to go it alone. If you find yourself involved in this type of situation, you should immediately contact a qualified Denver DUI attorney for advice. Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C., is dedicated to serving the needs of those individuals who are accused of Colorado DUI and DUI-related charges. Call us at (303) DUI-5280, or contact us online at