Two Large Drugs Busts Target Illegal Marijuana Grows

Illegal marijuana grows have been around for a long time, and legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and other states has encouraged some budding entrepreneurs to try and make inroads in the growing industry by growing their own buds. In recent weeks two drug busts have netted a mix of plants, growing equipment, and arrests.

El Paso County

Responding to the large Carson Midway fire in El Paso County, firefighters discovered an interesting sight usually happened upon by other law enforcement agencies after investigating various leads. According to Denver’s Fox 31, firefighters acquired a search warrant for a property affected by the fire that caused evacuations as it spread across 3,300 acres. That search warrant led to the discovery of over 100 marijuana plants. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office indicated that most plants were flowering, which means they were ready for harvest. So far, no arrests have been made in the bust, but authorities indicate that the investigation into this illegal growing operation is still ongoing.

Teller County

Meanwhile, law enforcement personnel in Teller County made two illegal marijuana grow busts. According to a report from Colorado Spring’s KKTV-11, law enforcement first executed a search warrant at one location where they discovered a large-scale illegal growing operation. This find and two arrests at the initial location yielded information about a second illegal growing operation not far away where another individual with outstanding misdemeanor charges was arrested.

Law enforcement involved in these operations indicated that over 200 pounds of live plants were seized, some of which were approximately seven feet tall. More than 35 pounds of already processed marijuana was also retrieved from the two sites. Several arrests have been made and defendants may be facing federal drug charges as a result.

Law enforcement authorities indicate that the information gained from these two illegal growing operations will likely lead to additional raids and arrests as this investigation is also ongoing. They have indicated that they believe these grows are linked to a larger network of illegal growing operations that ships the illegal marijuana products outside of Colorado, a theory bolstered by reported ties between the defendants and Miami, Florida.

Legal Assistance

Legal advocacy plays an important role in defending against all types of drug charges, no matter how serious the charge. Even minor drug charges can have significant consequences, including the potential of a criminal record that can follow you for life and have a major impact on many different opportunities. It is possible to run afoul of the state’s drug laws inadvertently, and it is also possible to face federal drug charges depending on the circumstances of the accusation.

In either case, working with an experienced criminal defense attorney is often the first step in exploring the options available for your defense. If you are facing marijuana or other drug-related charges, contact the criminal defense team at Tiftickjian Law Firm to schedule a consultation and find out more information about how our firm can work with you so that you do not have to face these charges alone.

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(image courtesy of Esteban Lopez)