Professional Consequences of a Colorado DUI for Licensed Pharmacists

If you are a licensed pharmacist in Colorado, a DUI or DWAI conviction can have consequences beyond those imposed by the judicial system.  In some circumstances, it can result in the loss of your livelihood and your ability to gain employment in that field in the future.

The Colorado State Board of Pharmacy requires you to notify it in writing within 30 days of any criminal conviction or deferred judgment that you sustain, including convictions for the misdemeanor offenses of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and driving while ability impaired.

Once the conviction is reported, the Board may impose additional sanctions and require you to pay for and participate in special diversion programs.

The failure to report such convictions is an independent ground for “disciplinary action” and can result in a variety of sanctions, up to and including revocation of your license to practice pharmacy.

A DUI conviction in Colorado can have lasting consequences to a pharmacist, so effective and experienced representation is required.