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I’m attorney Jay Tiftickjian.  My practice is focused on defending clients charged with driving under the influence and related crimes in Colorado. I am honored you reached out to me and my law firm.

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I am looking forward to speaking to you about your case to see if we are the right fit. In the meantime, here is information about my reputation, background, and expertise with what you need help with.

Of course, all attorneys will highlight their positives. This is what we do for our clients as well. Mine, however, far exceeds the rest for the situation that you find yourself in. You can read about me and my family on the cover of Colorado Super Lawyers. I was voted Colorado’s best DUI attorney for over a decade in the state’s official bar journal. You will also learn I am the only attorney ever in Colorado to be both a Deputy District Attorney and elected president of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. You will also discover over a decade of consistent, positive, five-star reviews from clients I’ve worked with.

The reason I only handle DUI cases is simple—I like my clients.

In law school (back in the 1990’s), I was fascinated with constitutional law, evidence, and criminal law. I was awarded the best student in my graduating class in trial evidence and exceeded in all my criminal law subjects. After graduating, I became a Deputy District Attorney for Adams and Broomfield Counties. As a DA, I handled hundreds of DUI and drug cases. Working in the DA’s office taught me how to put together these cases, so I am now better armed to spot and take advantage of deficiencies on the defense side.

In 2004, I left the DA’s office to practice criminal defense. I defended clients with a wide variety of cases, from first degree murder to large drug distribution cases, felony assaults, and all kinds of criminal defense cases. I excelled in the courtroom and for all my clients. Over time I particularly enjoyed DUI defense, as I genuinely liked my DUI clients-normal everyday folks who usually just make a mistake. My clients are not out to intentionally hurt someone, swindle someone out of money, or abuse someone else. I feel good using skills and knowledge as a defense attorney to help people who I want to help—good people who make a mistake. Simply put, I like my DUI clients.

Tiftickjian Law Firm – Colorado’s Only Exclusive DUI Defense Firm

I’ve focused my practice on DUI defense since 2004. In 2006, I opened Tiftickjian Law Firm, focused on defending individuals accused of driving under the influence. I’ve invested in extensive training in breath tests, blood tests, drugged driving evaluations, and field sobriety testing. In addition, I’ve attended the same training police officers do to conduct field sobriety tests and breath tests. I have advanced knowledge in both gas chromatography testing for blood alcohol concentrations, and the operation of the Intoxilyzer 9000.

I provide training to bar associations and organizations across the country such as The National College for DUI Defense, The Colorado Bar Association, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, The Denver County Court, the Missouri Bar Association, The Oklahoma Bar Association, The Alaska Bar Association, New Mexico Bar Association, and many other local and national organizations. I’ve been called upon multiple times to organize specialized DUI seminars for the Colorado Bar Association and Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. I’ve authored multiple books regarding DUI/DWI law and science, including Colorado DUI Defense: The Law and Practice, now in its second edition, and am the editor of the Colorado Bar Association’s DUI Defense Manual.

With thousands of clients, hundreds of dismissals, and countless success stories over the past sixteen years, Tiftickjian Law Firm stands as Colorado’s top DUI defense practice.

I am looking forward to exploring whether Tiftickjian Law Firm is the right fit for your situation. If so, we will put the same effort and determination into your defense that has built our long-standing reputation as Colorado’s top DUI defense law firm.


Jay Tiftickjian
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