New Misdemeanor Sentences in 2022

Effective March 1, 2022, Colorado will update its classifications and sentences for misdemeanors. The new criminal sentencing laws give more alternatives for convictions involving multiple DUI cases and other jailable offenses.

New Categories of Colorado Misdemeanors

Class 1 Misdemeanor: Up to 364 days in county jail and/or fine up to $1,000
Class 2 Misdemeanor: Up to 120 days in county jail and/or fine up to $750

Also, if a judge runs more than one sentence consecutively, the maximum time cannot be more than 24 months. A judge cannot impose more than 24 months on a misdemeanor case, regardless of how many crimes the person was convicted of.

New Categories of Colorado Misdemeanors

The new law also increased the crimes that were lowered to petty offenses or civil infractions:

Petty Offense: up to 10 days jail and/or fine of up to $300.00.
Civil Infractions: no jail and up to a $100 fine.

Work release sentence also extend to self-employed persons and child/family care responsibilities. Behavior health treatment may also be an alternative to jail on a multiple DUI convictions. A judge can allow for community corrections and in-home detention in DUI convictions if the jurisdiction does not have a work-release program. In Felony DUI sentences, jail may be avoided for exceptional circumstances regarding the health or safety of the offender.

Good-Time Credit

Standard good-time credit for time served is now 7 days on 30 for good time and 3 days on 30 if trustee/work status. C.R.S. §17-26-109.

These new laws apply to crimes committed on or after March 1, 2022. These new laws are not retroactive.