Medicolegal Aspects of Marijuana, Colorado Edition

Medicolegal Aspects of Marijuana: Colorado Edition
, published by Lawyers and Judges Company in 2015, is your go-to resource for understanding medical and recreational marijuana law in Colorado. Edited by attorney Jay Tiftickjian, Medicolegal Aspects of Marijuana: Colorado Edition offers a wealth of information from some of the most prominent experts in the U.S. on issues surrounding both medical and recreational cannabis. Contributing writers include Tiftickjian on DUID cases, as well as attorneys Sean McAllister, Andres R Guevara, Leonard Frieling and Jeffrey Gard, and experts Paul Armentano (Deputy Director of N.O.R.M.L), John Bederka, Ph.D, and James T. O’Donnell, M.D.

Medicolegal Aspects of Marijuana, Colorado Edition

The field of marijuana-related litigation continues to expand rapidly throughout Colorado. With this burgeoning growth comes a need for accurate information on the various legal issues surrounding marijuana and the industry that is growing up around it. Touching many areas of the law, including criminal prosecution, motor vehicle accidents, taxation issues, business regulation, real estate transactions and more, marijuana-related litigation is complex. Those working in areas that are affected by marijuana – particularly those involved in legal fields – need a resource to clarify questions and provide a foundation in their work.

Understanding the medicolegal aspects of marijuana requires careful consideration of the many different components in marijuana-related criminal, civil and administrative litigation. Up-to-date information and a familiarity with new areas of marijuana-related law is a necessity. For instance, forensic marijuana analysis is a new area for many attorneys. Many legal professionals are not aware just how important it is that THC analysis be performed accurately and correctly and that the results are properly interpreted. Too often results are deemed meaningless because samples are mishandled, equipment is incorrectly calibrated, or results are incorrectly reported. The topic of THC analysis, among many others, is discussed in the book.

Wealth of Information

An indispensable textbook for attorneys, judges, legislators and individuals, Medicolegal Aspects of Marijuana: Colorado Edition includes a wealth of information to assist in the investigation and litigation of cases involving marijuana.

In Medicolegal Aspects of Marijuana: Colorado Edition, you will find the following:

  • A Brief History of Marijuana Legislation in Colorado (Jay M. Tiftickjian, Esq.)
  • Pharmacology of Marijuana (James T. O’Donnell PharmD, MS, FCP, ABCP, FACN and James J. O’Donnell III MS, PhD)
  • Licensing, Regulation, and Enforcement of Medical and Recreational Marijuana Business in Colorado (Jeffrey S. Gard, Esq.)
  • Banking and Taxation for the Marijuana Industry (Jim Marty, CPA, ABV, MS and Kyle Walker, MBA)
  • Business Regulation and the Enforcement Process for Colorado Marijuana Law (Sean T. McAllister, Esq.)
  • Colorado Marijuana Criminal Law and Penalties (Leonard Frieling, Esq.)
  • Federal Controlled Substances Laws and Marijuana (Andres R. Guevara, Esq.)
  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs: An Overview of Colorado’s Alcohol and Drug-Related Driving Offenses (Jay M. Tiftickjian, Esq.)
  • Laboratory Testing Overview of THC (Jeremy Brehmer, Esq.)
  • Are THC Concentrations Appropriate For Presuming Psychomotor Impairment? (Paul Armentano)
  • Land Use, Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant and HOA Issues (Bill E. Kyriagis, Esq.)
  • Under the Influence of Marijuana (John P. Bederka, Jr., Ph.D. and Warren Cooper)
  • Appendix: Relevant Colorado Statutes and Regulations Concerning Marijuana

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ISBN 13: 978-1-936360-30-7

Publisher: Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company