Jefferson County Traffic

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The Denver traffic attorneys at Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C. consistently achieve outstanding results in the Jefferson County Traffic Court defending clients charged with speeding and traffic tickets. Our Colorado traffic ticket clients are lifelong Colorado residents as well as folks pulled over on their way home while traveling through Colorado.

Our Colorado traffic defense law firm has been able to help many out-of-state residents resolve their Jefferson County traffic tickets without the necessity of appearing in court while still negotiating substantial reductions in traffic charges and points. It is frustrating to be summoned to appear in Colorado for a speeding ticket without a mail-in option to resolve the case. Our defense team has been able to turn similar situations into positive experiences without the need for our clients to appear or suffer a conviction for speeding.

Many past traffic ticket clients have responded positively after the negative experience of being charged with speeding or another traffic offense in Colorado. Here are some recent Colorado traffic court success stories as reflected from our client feedback:

  • “Jay was able to reduce the violation with no effort on my part and no extra time and expense with having to fly back to Colorado.”
    – Speeding ticket client
  • “Jay saved me from what would have been very high insurance premiums on my auto policy.”
    – Speeding ticket client
  • “I’m from out of state and it was reassuring to be kept in the loop and to know what was going on.”
    – Speeding ticket client
  • “Jay Tiftickjian did an excellent job defending me in court recently. (I was facing a 4 point traffic violation.) He and his assistant always responded quickly to any calls or emails. There is nothing like feeling that your attorney is available to you, and is doing a good job. He went to court for me, and he got my ticket completely dismissed! No fine for me, no points on my record, and no increase in my insurance premiums. I highly recommend him.”
    – Traffic ticket client

If you are summoned to appear in the Jefferson County Court’s traffic division at Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, Colorado 80419, contact Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C. at (303) 991-5896 or our toll-free line at 1-855-384-5280 to speak to an experienced defense lawyer for your Colorado speeding ticket.