Posting Bail: When Do I Get My Money Back?

When will I get my bond money back?

Assuming that the defendant makes all appearances, and is eventually found not guilty or sentenced after a guilty plea or verdict, there can still be a delay, often of up to 30 days, before your cash bond is returned to you. Since Colorado court proceedings can sometimes drag on for months at a time, make sure that you can manage your own expenses without those cash resources for a prolonged period.

Be aware that if a defendant fails to appear for court, you will probably wind up losing most or all of the bond money.

If you opt to post a surety bond, start by contacting any one of the many bail bondsmen listed in the yellow pages of the phone book or on the internet. The defendant and a cosigner will be required to sign the bond agent’s contract.

If you are a consignor on a surety bond and if the defendant misses a court date, you may be expected to help the bondsman find the defendant, to pay the bondsman’s expenses for finding the defendant, and to pay the full amount of the bond if the defendant cannot be found.

As explained above, you will not get the surety bond fee or the jail fee back.  Whether and when you get the rest of your money or your collateral back depends on what you and your bondsman agreed to in the contract. Every contract is different. Before signing any contracts or promissory notes, make sure you read through them carefully.  Be sure you understand them.  Always get copies of all documents you sign at the time you sign them.