Will I Lose My Driver’s License After a DUI?

Your driver’s license is often your key to freedom, and your ability to make a living. Losing this basic privilege can be detrimental to your livelihood and ability to meet life’s obligations. We do everything possible to find ways for you to keep your driver’s license or minimize the consequences to your driver’s license from a DUI charge.

Most Colorado DUI cases involve a separate DMV hearing to determine whether you will suffer a driver’s license revocation as a result of a failed breath test,  a failed blood test, or allegations that you refused testing. The standard the government must overcome at this DMV hearing is substantially less than what must be proven in court.

Nevertheless, there are strategies that we explore in every case based on your specific facts to maximize the chance that we can save your license and prevent a revocation from being entered. While DMV Hearings are notoriously difficult to win, we are confident that our team gives you the best chance at saving your license. In addition, we can negotiate your case in court with the goal of minimizing your driver’s license consequences. While there is no guarantee that you will retain your driving privileges, hiring an experienced Colorado DUI attorney will give you the best chance of keeping your driver’s license.