What Will Happen at My First DUI Court Appearance?

Your first court appearance is for you to be advised that you are charged with driving under the influence and other traffic offenses in Colorado. The court will advise you of certain constitutional rights you have involving the rights of trial, legal representation, and appeals. If you appear by yourself, the prosecutor may request to meet with you and have you plead guilty to a DUI charge. You may feel lost and pressured into making a decision that is not in your best interest.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the judge may also restrict your freedom at the first court appearance. A Colorado judge has the authority to impose pretrial conditions while your case is pending. Such conditions and restrictions include monitored sobriety, travel restrictions, and periodic reporting with a pretrial supervision officer. These requirements are often imposed on drivers who have prior offenses or who have a high blood alcohol content in the pending case.

You may also do or say things at this first court appearance that cannot be unwound or undone. It is not advisable for you to appear in court without first consulting with an experienced DUI attorney so that you understand what to and not to do and say.

If you are on summons and hire us in advance, there is a chance that we can move this first court date and that you would not be required to appear. This can safe you missed time from work and allow us more time to gather evidence and prepare a defense. If you have a court date coming up for a DUI charge and have not yet retained counsel, you should consult with Tiftickjian Law Firm so that you understand what will happen at this court appearance and what options you have moving forward so that you are as prepared and knowledgeable as possible.