What Are the Penalties for a DUI in Colorado?

The penalties for a DUI conviction in Colorado are quite severe. There are numerous variables that play a role in the sentence someone may receive and the penalties DUI offenders face in Colorado. Drivers accused of DUI or DWAI face jail time, loss of driving privileges, probation, community service, mandatory drug and alcohol class attendance, monitored sobriety, fines and court costs, and a lifelong conviction on their criminal and driving records, just to name a few. Even first offenders face jail time and if you were in an accident, someone was injured, or you had a high BAC the likelihood of jail being imposed significantly increases. There is even mandatory jail if your BAC was ≥ 0.200.

If you have prior offenses anywhere in the U.S. you also face mandatory jail, regardless of how long ago your prior offenses were committed. The minimum and mandatory jail sentences vary greatly based on number of prior offenses, BAC, whether there was an accident involved, and which county the case is pending in. Drivers accused of DUI also face a loss of license and mandatory restrictions like ignition interlock and SR22 insurance. As you can see the potential penalties are quite severe and vary greatly based on the individual circumstances of each case. This is why it is critical that you consult with and consider hiring the best DUI attorney you can. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge when it comes to defending DUI cases in Colorado.