Helping a Loved One?

If you are here, you likely have a friend or loved one who was just arrested for DUI and possibly still in custody. This page is dedicated to providing assistance to you in getting your loved one out of jail as soon as possible and getting them on the right legal path moving forward.

The first thing you need to do is find out where the person is in custody. You can do this by calling the Denver-Metro Area Detention Facilities in the county where you believe the incident occurred, or searching online using our Colorado Inmate Search Resources. Once you have located him or her, you can then review the information about How Do I Get Someone Out of Jail? And How do I post bond in Colorado?

Note that some people will be initially held on a “no-bond” hold. Typically this occurs when the judge is required to see the person before allowing him or her to bond. For example, in a case involving an alleged victim, the judge will issue a no contact order before allowing the person to be bonded. Also, for alleged probation or sentence violations, the person is held with no bond until appearing in court. Also, it may be that the person hasn’t had a bond amount set yet by a judge or magistrate, and are waiting to see the judicial officer before being able to bond out.

It is important to note that all jail-calls are recorded, and a person accused of a crime should never discuss the case on the phone when speaking to a relative or friend from the jail. In certain circumstances, the District Attorney’s Office will review the jail-recordings and could use them as evidence in a trial.

Upon release, it is important that the person contact a qualified DUI or criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to make sure that all immediate deadlines are met and to strategize a game-plan for the defense of the case moving forward.