DUI Penalties

Penalties For Driving Under The Influence in Denver, Colorado

Colorado law is notoriously strict against drunk drivers, which is why it is crucial to get in touch with a skilled DUI lawyer as soon as you know you need DUI defense in Denver, CO. Drivers arrested with a BAC above 0.08 are subject to Denver DUI penalties such as 5 days to a year in jail, a license suspension of 1 year, a $300 to $1000 fine and a mandatory sentence of at least 48 hours of public service.

On the second offense, you will be required to spend 10 days in jail and could receive a jail sentence between 3 months and one year. Additionally, you will pay fines between $500 and $1500, have your license suspended for a year and be required to serve at least 60 hours of community service. If your BAC in your first-time DUI arrest is particularly high, above 0.20, you will be subject to these same penalties. Third-time Denver DUI penalties offenses have similar penalties, except that your license suspension will last up to 5 years.

In addition to these crimes, Colorado will charge anyone with a BAC between 0.05 and 0.08% with a DWAI. A first time DWAI can result in a jail sentence up to 180 days, fines up to $500 and a minimum of 24 hours community service. Second-time DWAIs have sentences similar to first-time DUIs, with the exception of a minimum 5 day jail sentence. As you can see by the potential penalties, Colorado takes DUI and DWAI charges very seriously.

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