BAC Calculator

Your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is the numeric result derived from taking a breath or blood test.

  • A breath test measures how many grams of alcohol are present within 210 liters of your breath.
  • A blood test measures how many grams of alcohol are present within 100 milliliters of your blood.

Use this calculator to estimate your BAC:


Using BAC as Evidence in your Trial

Your BAC is evidence that the government will offer at trial to prove you were driving under the influence. A BAC result at or above 0.149 can result in enhanced driver’s license penalties and a BAC above 0.200 results in mandatory jail time.

Headspace GC Science & Errors

With respect to blood tests, Colorado relies upon a science called Headspace Gas Chromatography (Headspace GC) to test blood for BAC. The science behind Headspace GC involves many complex processes and relies heavily on human ability to properly input data into a machine. Several errors might arise that can affect the accuracy and reliability of the blood test. An experienced DUI defense attorney can help identify if any errors were made when the lab tested your blood, and can craft defenses to your blood test.

Intoxilyzer® 9000 Breathalyzer & Errors

Currently, Colorado law enforcement agencies use the Intoxilyzer® 9000 to conduct breath tests. It is the only breath testing machine that is allowed to be used in Colorado. In Denver, the breath testing machine is located in the DUI room inside of the Denver County Detention Facility, where a motorist accused of drinking and driving will be taken to blow into the machine. Many errors can arise in the administration of a breath test. The experienced DUI defense attorneys at Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C. are familiar with the rules and regulations governing the administration of a breath test and with the inner-workings of the Intoxilyzer®. By retaining a DUI defense attorney who is well versed in the complexities of breath testing, these errors can better be identified, and can be used to craft defenses to your breath test.

BAC Defenses

A BAC can be a scary number if you are charged with DUI in Colorado; however, there are defenses to a blood test and breath test. The experienced DUI defense team at Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C. can explore all possible defenses that may be available in your case. We have received countless not guilty verdicts for DUI and DWAI cases with BACs over Colorado’s legal limits. Contact us today to set-up your initial consultation.