Arrested for DUI?

If you are reading this page, you are likely scared for your future and the future of your loved ones who depend on you, and you likely have many questions and concerns about what to do next or what consequences you may be facing.

We have gotten extraordinary case results for individuals just like you – teachers, doctors, students, engineers, lawyers, professional athletes, police officers, CEOs, truck drivers and all types people with unique circumstances. We know from our experience that the sooner you act and game plan for the future, the better off you will be moving forward.

One of your likely concerns is your driver’s license. There are two types of cases in a Colorado DUI case: the court case and the DMV hearing. The Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has jurisdiction over your driving privilege, while the County or District Court is where the criminal charges that have been filed against you are decided. You need a defense for both cases, but the DMV hearing is only held if you properly and timely request it – usually within 7 days of arrest. For this reason, guidance from an attorney experienced in Colorado DUI cases is invaluable in these first few days.

Another concern you likely have, especially if you have a prior conviction for a similar charge in your past, is incarceration. In Colorado, all DUI or DWAI convictions require mandatory jail time that cannot be suspended, unless it is a first offense with a BAC under 0.200. Depending on the amount of prior offenses a person has, DUI can be charged as a felony in Colorado as well.

Regardless of whether you are facing a first offense DUI, or a multiple offense case, we have the experience, reputation, and legal knowledge to get you the best result, whether it means taking the case all the way through trial, or negotiating a resolution in court with your best interests in mind. We have multiple approaches in cases like yours, and always make sure we are exploring all possible factual and legal defenses, as well as looking to negotiate the best possible resolution for you. This includes constructing a game plan based on your particular circumstances to make sure that you appear in the best light possible in court.

Feel free to explore this website, read about our credentials, case results, and reputation in the legal community. If you want the best result for you and your family, we believe we are your best DUI defense team in Colorado.