Prescription Fraud

In Colorado, possession or distribution of prescription drugs without a prescription or license is a drug felony punishable by a sentence to the Colorado Department of Corrections. The most common prescription pills involved in criminal cases are Oxycontin, Ritalin, Vicadin, Xanax, and Fentanyl. In these types of criminal cases, the government also may file charges such as prescription forgery, prescription fraud, and distribution or trafficking of prescription pills.

Often, a prescription drug charge is the result of a traffic stop or a police search of a person or property. Constitutional issues may arise when a person is stopped and searched and prescription pills are found in the presence of the person. In order to convict on a drug possession charge, the government must be able to prove the police search and seizure was legal and the person knowingly had possession or control over the controlled substance found. In addition, many prescription pill charges are the result of anonymous tips, reports from doctor’s or pharmacies, or the result of a search warrant. If you have been charged with possession of prescription pills in Colorado, you need to seek the experienced and aggressive representation provided by a criminal defense attorney at The Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C.

Denver criminal defense attorney Jay Tiftickjian has successfully defended over a hundred clients facing serious drug charges in Colorado, and has the skill and experience to investigate whether a stop was legal, examine whether a search violated a client’s Fourth Amendment rights, and attack the credibility of a confidential informant. A drug crime criminal defense lawyer will also examine all types of mitigation in an effort to lessen the impact of a felony possession of prescription pill charge. The Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C. has achieved outstanding drug case results for clients facing drug possession charges in Colorado.

If you have been charged with illegal possession of prescription pills in Colorado, contact The Tiftickjian Law Firm today for an experienced and aggressive criminal defense or DUI attorney.