Methamphetamine Possession

Methamphetamine is a Schedule II Controlled Substance, which means it is a serious felony to possess, distribute, manufacture, or sell methamphetamine. In addition, possessing materials to manufacture methamphetamine is considered as serious as methamphetamine distribution or manufacturing. A conviction for methamphetamine manufacturing of as little as 7 grams, with no additional, aggravating factors could land you in prison for up to six years for a first offense. If more than 7 grams are involved, the penalty can rise to 16 years. If more than 112 grams (4 ounces) are involved, the penalties can rise as high as 32 years.  Other aggravating factors, such as the proximity to a school, or a firearm being present, can also lead the filing of a Special Offender charge that carries a mandatory sentence to the Colorado Department of Corrections of at least 8 years, and possibly as much as 32 years.

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