Colorado Drugged Driving Statistics

Colorado recently passed legislation allowing drivers over 21 to legally possess one ounce of marijuana. While this decision may be revolutionary, the verdict is still out as to the impact this will have on accidents.

Over the past decade, there has been a 25% decrease in total fatalities, but a 79% increase in the number of fatalities resulting from a drugged driver or a driver testing positive for marijuana.


So while we’re thankful total fatalities are decreasing, it’s worrisome that fatalities among those with drugs in their system are increasing. What’s still unclear at this time is whether there is an actual increase in drugged drivers, or just an increase in awareness and testing.

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Drugged Driving Statistics in Colorado


In 2005, there were 606 fatalities due to drug usage on the roads. Of those fatalities, only 29 were due to cannabis. Fast forward to 2010, the fatality numbers dropped slightly to 546. However, the number of fatalities due to marijuana rose to 42. In 2015, there was a new low of 450 fatalities in the state of Colorado. The number of fatalities due to marijuana has risen to 58.

In summary, the number of fatalities has dropped significantly since 2005, but the overall amount of drugged driver fatalities has risen. Also, since the 2005, the number of drivers who tested positive for cannabis during these fatal accidents has skyrocketed.

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