Nate Becker has been working in the legal field and specifically in the area of DUI defense since 2008. Mr. Becker has a strong educational background in business and finance. Mr. Becker was born and raised in rural Minnesota where he attended college on a football scholarship to the University of Minnesota-Morris. Upon completing his undergraduate work, Mr. Becker moved to Colorado to obtain a Master’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado and most recently obtained a degree in accounting from Metro State College.

Mr. Becker is widely recognized in the Colorado legal community for his level of knowledge and expertise in the field of DUI defense, DMV law analysis, and law firm management. In 2017, Mr. Becker was recognized by Law Week Colorado as an Outstanding Legal Professional. He is a regular guest speaker at DUI conferences and has presented on DMV law to local and state bars, and the Public Defender’s Office on numerous occasions. Even though he is not an attorney, Mr. Becker is a source of knowledge on the defense bar listserv and dedicates a significant amount of time responding to emails and phone calls from attorneys and legal professionals across the state regarding DUI and DMV law procedure, criminal traffic penalty assessments, collateral consequences of criminal convictions, and driver’s license reinstatement questions.

In 2016, Mr. Becker co-authored and published a legal compendium that is available for sale by the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar called the DMV Handbook for Colorado Attorneys. This handbook is referred to many as the Colorado DMV Bible and is 200+ pages and 11 chapters of information that answers both the basic and more detailed questions that attorneys and drivers have as it relates to the impact that administrative revocations and criminal convictions have on a person’s ability to drive in the state of Colorado.

As the Director of Operations, Mr. Becker manages all the business and financial operations for Tiftickjian Law Firm, allowing the firm’s attorneys to focus exclusively on defending and communicating with clients.