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Tiftickjian Voted Colorado’s Barrister’s Best “Best DUI Lawyer”

November 24, 2020

Every year, Law Week Colorado surveys all the judges and attorneys in the state. Its goal is to sjowcase the best of the best in each field of legal practice. Best appellate judge, best criminal defense lawyer, best family law attorney, and best trial judge are just some of the many categories voted on. As Colorado’s official bar journal, its print […]

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Tiftickjian Voted Colorado’s Best DUI Lawyer Again

November 16, 2020

Jay Tiftickjian Voted “Best DUI Lawyer”; Tiftickjian Law Firm Ranked Tier 1 Colorado Law Firm in U.S. News and World Report Tiftickjian Law Firm was ranked a Tier 1 Law Firm in the 2021 U.S. News and Best Lawyers. Also, Jay Tiftickjian was voted Colorado’s “Best DUI Lawyer” in the state’s official bar journal, Law Week Colorado’s annual 2020 Barrister’s Best […]

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What is a Personal Recognizance Bond on Colorado?

September 21, 2020

Often when a person is arrested in Colorado for a DUI charge, they are released on a personal recognizance bond. This is commonly referred to as a “PR bond.” Instead of requiring the person arrested, or a friend, family member or professional bail bonds person to put money up to get the person released until their next court hearing, the […]

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DUI and Canadian Travel

April 19, 2019

Can You Travel to Canada with a DUI? If you are an American citizen with a pending DUI case or a conviction for DUI, DWAI or even Reckless Driving it is possible and somewhat likely that you will be turned away at the Canadian border upon attempting to gain entry into Canada. Under Canadian law, a DUI or DWAI conviction […]

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What is a Persistent Drunk Driver in Colorado?

March 25, 2019

Under Colorado law, any driver who is convicted or revoked for more than one alcohol-related driving offense, or who refuses a test, or who submits to a chemical test with a result ≥ 0.15 will be classified as a persistent drunk driver (PDD). C.R.S. 42-1-102(68.5) (a) “Persistent drunk driver” means any person who: (I) Has been convicted of or had his […]

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The Heat was On: Statistics of Colorado DUI Incidents in 2016-2017

January 23, 2018

Despite tougher laws being passed to deter people from driving while impaired or under the influence, over 10,000 Colorado drivers were arrested in 2017 during 14 periods of designated enforcement designed to catch and arrest drunk drivers. This staggering number comes just six months following a major law change in August that now requires jail time for all felony DUI […]

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What You Need to Know About Ignition Interlock Devices

December 26, 2017

So, you have been convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol in Colorado. Now what? Depending on the circumstances of your case, you will likely lose your driving privileges for a period of time. Individuals who qualify may be eligible to have their driver’s license reinstated early if they participate in an ignition interlock program. These programs are designed […]

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New Interactive Map Shows Colorado Counties with Most DUI Arrests

October 24, 2017

The data shows that Pueblo County, which makes up the 10th Judicial District, currently has the fewest DUI-related court filings per capita for 2017 DENVER, COLORADO—It’s an alarming number. So far this year, 372 DUI-related crashes have resulted in serious injuries or fatalities, according to Colorado State Patrol. With two more months still left in 2017, this number is a […]

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The Myth of “Smart” Breathalyzers: Flaws of CDOT’s Breathalyzer App

September 22, 2017

We’ve come to rely on apps to manage virtually every aspect of our lives. Budgeting apps keep us from overspending. Fitness apps keep us on target. Social media apps keep tabs on our friends. But will a breathalyzer app keep us from getting behind the wheel when we’re too impaired to drive? Colorado Department of Transportation’s BACtrack App The Colorado […]

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Report: Fatal Alcohol & Drug-Related Crashes In Colorado Up From 2016

It’s a startling number. Every day, 28 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver, according to the Centers for Disease and Prevention. This is amounts to one death every 51 minutes. Unfortunately, the numbers aren’t any better for drug-related crashes either. In a recent article by The Denver Post, statistics show that […]

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