James Nechleba graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law in 2010 and has spent the majority of his legal career developing specialized knowledge of civil administrative litigation practice, an incredibly consequential aspect of DUI defense often misunderstood by criminal defense attorneys. A former judge for the Colorado DMV’s administrative court, James presided over and decided more than two thousand hearings directly affecting individuals’ driving privileges. Case by case, James earned a stellar reputation among his fellow members of the bar for elevating the standards and practices of these proceedings to ensure that every single driver received a full, fair, and impartial hearing. James’s unique insight of the various regulatory mechanisms the DMV employs to restrict individuals’ driving privileges is a valuable asset to the firm and its clients.

Having practiced law in several jurisdictions, James also possess years of experience as in-house counsel for New Mexico’s state labor department, and as a legislative editor in New Mexico’s state legislature. James’ legislative, executive, and quasi-judicial background and training provide the firm a great advantage anticipating the effect that new legislation will have on executive agencies tasked with enforcing the law and judicial bodies tasked with interpreting the law.