The Tiftickjian Difference

There are many factors that potential clients consider when choosing a DUI attorney in Colorado. This page highlights The Tiftickjian Difference and what a client can expect upon retaining our services.

We are confident that after doing your due diligence, you will come to the same conclusion as many other people have – Tiftickjian Law Firm is one of the best DUI defense firms in Colorado and we should be on your short-list when choosing representation for a DUI case in Colorado.

Buyer Beware – What you see is not always what you get!

When doing your research online, you will see countless attorneys claim they are the “best” and “most experienced,” and promise to “aggressively defend” you and to “fight” for you and your case. You likely also sifted through some sharp-looking websites with numerous awards, certifications and recognition’s boasting “top 100,” “top 10” and “best of” certifications from various associations, or paid-for local celebrity endorsements asserting “trust” in the service. A great many of these recognition’s are meaningless, paid-for accolades. Many of the glowing reviews you looked at were written by family members, friends, neighbors, reputation management services, or other lawyers from different states on a “you-scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” basis. Most of these gimmicks clearly run afoul of the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct and ethical business practices.

Tiftickjian Law Firm refuses to engage in these types of marketing schemes. We are a top-flight law firm with a reputation in the legal community built on hard work and experience, and we denounce and refuse to participate with these pay-to-play organizations created for profit and that only list an attorney if the attorney pays the annual fee. Conducting ourselves in an honest, ethical and straightforward manner is more important than “making the sale.” Lawyers who cut corners by buying fake endorsements instead of building a reputation will also do the same with your case.

Denver DUI attorney Jay Tiftickjian leads the charge on important DUI issues

What is The Tiftickjian Difference?


Firm owner Jay Tiftickjian is considered one of the best attorneys in the State of Colorado. His reputation has been achieved based on his results in the courtroom and his unwavering commitment to the defense community. Jay’s success at trial, in motions, and in negotiations with district attorneys put him in a class by himself. From not guilty verdicts at trial, to case dismissals at motions, to non-alcohol related plea bargains, to minimum sentences on aggravated cases, the results Jay obtains for his clients are as good as or better than anyone else.

As a result of his work in the courtroom, Jay has been voted by the lawyers and judges in Colorado “Best DUI Lawyer” in the state’s official bar journal, Law Week Colorado, for the past four years. He is the President-Elect of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar and is the first former Colorado prosecutor to be voted by his peers to lead the organization.

Tiftickjian testifying against the felony DUI bill at the Colorado Senate in 2015

Jay has given dozens of presentations to lawyers and judges both in Colorado and across the country, and is frequently asked to head DUI practice seminars for both the Colorado Bar Association and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. Jay frequently represents the interests of the Criminal Defense Bar at the legislature and in the media.

Go to the courthouses and ask around, call members in the legal community, and inquire, read his book, and do your research to see why Jay Tiftickjian is considered one of the best in the legal community. For a full list of Jay’s professional achievements and credentials, visit his profile page located here.

Jay “continues to set a high bar, and then do[es] everything in his power to encourage the rest of us to reach or exceed the height of that bar.” The Colorado Lawyer, March 2014.



Attorneys at Tiftickjian Law Firm consistently achieve results and outcomes in cases that other attorneys cannot. Our attorneys have the training, knowledge and experience handling DUI cases to ensure that you get the best outcome possible and that you are fully advised of all your options and collateral consequences of each of those options. Many lawyers do not coordinate additional blood testing, know what a chromatogram or histogram is, preserve and obtain important evidence such as video, dispatch recordings, and testing data, or take the time to explain to you the process and realistic outcomes with confidence and in language that you can understand and follow. Our ability to understand the science and technology used in DUI cases, obtain the relevant information needed to defend you and to use that information in negotiations, at motions and in trial is the reason why clients of Tiftickjian Law Firm consistently achieve the best results possible given the facts of their case.

“I had the opportunity to see Mr. Tiftickjian in action many times when I practiced in Adams County, Colorado. Mr. Tiftickjian is truly an asset to the criminal defense bar. He is a diligent attorney, a keen negotiator, and a powerful advocate. Many times, he was able to negotiate deals for his clients that other attorneys could not. If you are charged with a criminal matter in Colorado, especially DUI, Mr. Tiftickjian is the perfect choice.” – Lauren Campoli, Criminal defense Attorney



We promise to communicate with everyone in an open and honest way. This includes, clients, potential clients, district attorneys, judges, DMV hearing officers, probation, court personnel and everyone we come in contact with throughout our profession. If you call us for a consultation or retain us to be your legal representation, we will give you an honest assessment of your case, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make a professional recommendation based on our experience and expert opinion. These recommendations are not always what clients want to hear, but we are here to be your advocate and to represent your best interests, not to tell you what you necessarily want to hear, but what you need to hear, from the first consult throughout the case. We will do everything in our power to obtain the best outcome for you, but we will only do this through honesty, integrity and professionalism. This philosophy has allowed us to develop a reputation with our clients, district attorneys, judges, court personnel and DMV hearing officers that is based on mutual trust and respect.


We are the only law firm in Colorado that focuses primarily on DUI Defense

Many law firms will tell you they specialize in DUI defense, but they also “specialize” in general criminal defense, family law, personal injury, and any other area of law in which they can turn a profit. We are not a general criminal practice that handles a little bit of everything. We are a boutique specialty practice that makes DUI defense well over 90% of our practice area. We have a team of attorneys that each have their own area of expertise and specific role in the defense of your case.

For example, attorney James Nechleba is a former administrative law judge for the Colorado DMV. James handles most of our DMV hearings and driver’s license issues. What other law firm has a former DMV judge on staff to challenge your driver’s license revocation and navigate through the DMV? Many attorneys shy away from the DMV portion of the case and may even tell you to not contest the revocation action to save the money. We couldn’t disagree more, as your driving privilege is important and you should fight for it. Also, we use the DMV hearing as a discovery tool to get information from the officer(s) that could assist in the pending court case.

Tiftickjian Law Firm has attorney Doug Barnes on staff. Doug’s experience as an appellate attorney is second to none. What other law firm has an attorney with over 30 years of appellate experience, who has his or her name on hundreds of appellate opinions, reviewing your case for legal issues and motions? The answer is very few, if any.


Jay is the Media’s Go-To Expert on DUI Issues

If you watch or read the local news, you likely have heard or read Jay’s expert legal opinion when it comes to DUI-related stories. Not only has he provided numerous expert opinions to such media outlets as The New York Times, The Denver Post, and 9News, but he has also been invited to debate political and law enforcement leaders on controversial issues related to DUI. For example, Jay debated Denver District Attorney Beth McCann on Colorado Public Radio and debated Former GOP House Leader Mark Waller regarding felony DUI on 9News’ Balance of Power.

To watch Jay on television or read his expert commentary in newspapers across the country, check out our firm press page.


We handle every aspect of your case from start to finish

We don’t outsource work to attorneys outside of the firm or contract with newly licensed attorneys to cut costs, and in the process diminish the quality of your legal representation. We do not forward you to the DMV or another law firm to figure out your driver’s license issues. We are a full-service DUI defense firm and we have a team of dedicated attorney’s and staff that focus on your defense and make sure you are updated and educated through the often long litigation process.


We train the other attorneys you may be considering

Jay Tiftickjian wrote the book on Colorado DUI defense that is used by criminal defense attorneys across the state. Many attorneys claim to be published because they wrote a blog or chapter in a book, or wrote a self-published book that is available for free to potential clients as a marketing pitch. Jay’s treatise, now in its second edition, is written for Colorado DUI lawyers and is on the bookshelves of most attorneys who practice criminal law in Colorado, as well as many of the courts, public defender’s offices, and legal libraries throughout the state. Read the review of Jay’s book in the Colorado Bar Association monthly publication.

Attorneys at Tiftickjian Law Firm are regularly invited to speak at CLE seminars, trainings, and conferences by the Colorado Bar Association, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar and other defense bars across the country.


Our Approach with Clients

The first step in any successful attorney-client relationship is exploring the client’s entire situation. This includes a detailed discussion of the facts and circumstances surrounding the case and background. We know from experience that this effort is critical to get the results our clients deserve.

We also believe that our clients must be kept fully informed at all times. This includes taking the time to address the client’s concerns and fears as well as providing timely information regarding the progress of the case. We can get the best result possible in your case, but if we don’t keep you informed throughout the process, then we have not fully done what you hired us to.


Our Approach to DUI Defense

We are an aggressive defense firm, but we also understand that an aggressive approach may not always be the best approach. While this law firm has a reputation for providing excellent trial defense, we understand that a quick and economic resolution may also be in a particular client’s best interest. We strive to tailor your defense and seek resolutions based on what your personal goals are.